My Journey Through Life

and where I go from here...

I am John de Lancie

If you were to ask Wikipedia, they would say I'm an American, actor, director, producer, writer, etc, but I would like to add some titles even more important to me; sailor, educator and father. You might know me for my roles in countless TV shows; as Q in Star Trek; Discord in My Little Pony; or Donald Margolis in Breaking Bad. But you might not know me as someone who has sailed the Pacific Ocean to Tahiti and back or who has written, produced and directed numerous shows for symphony orchestras or directed operas. Or, better still, was the host of the children's concerts at Disney Hall.

my love of science fiction

As a little boy I discovered my love for science fiction by reading Jules Verne's Mysterious Island, and watching (with one eye squeezed shut) The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. As an adult I created a company called Alien Voices with Leonard Nimoy. We re-created old radio broadcasts of classic science fiction stories such as Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Lost World and The Time Machine. We even went on to produce sci-fi spectacles for the Sci-Fi Channel.

To Boldly go into new uncharted territory

Where I go from here

My love for science fiction and my roles in some of the most iconic sci-fi shows has led me to a love of all things science.

Science, and science curiosity, have been a passion of mine for many years. It's remarkable the impact Star Trek has had, inspiring generations of people to become the scientists and researchers of today.

And just as I have been inspired, I hope to inspire you. Whatever I can do to share the wonders of the natural world – I will.

Join me on my new endeavour

This page and my other social media will focus on my passion to further science knowledge and, above all, curiosity.

My role as Q may have presented me as an omnipotent, all-knowing being, but I'm profoundly aware that as a mere mortal I still have much to learn. So do we all.

Please join me on this journey and take the time to share your newfound knowledge with the people around you – together, let's inspire the generation to come!